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We Mortal Men

Piri Aji: Taste of Vengeance (Book Three)

​​Taste of Vengeance is bitter to one while sweet to another. It all depends on who’s doing the serving and who’s doing the tasting. Austin Adair has saved Claudia from her own familia but he may not be able to save her from herself. The plot explodes with a feverish energy as the Spirit of Piri Aji is unleashed. ​

Piri Aji: Taste of Deception (Book Two)

​​Deception is the glue that binds the pages of this book together. In Taste of Deception, book two of the Piri Aji Series, Austin Adair’s wild adventures continue. Piri Aji has been discovered. Will the constituents found within this ancient plant be used for good or for evil? Austin’s longtime friend Leonardo Lomez has secrets, and each turn of the page draws you closer to discovering his true intentions.
Taste of Deception welcomes back its memorable characters and introduces you to new and equally unforgettable personalities.   

Piri Aji Series

Piri Aji: Taste of Poisonst Literary Fiction, Terry don Foley Literary Fiction, Literary Fiction Books  

Taste of Poison, is an intricately spun novel summed up in one word – monumental. Breathtakingly beautiful and darkly menacing, the atmosphere pulses with desire and danger. This epic tale introduces you to Austin Adair, a man who discovers happiness only after getting lost while perusing his fortune. From one adventure to the next, Adair encounters a world of wealth and power few know exists - the secret lives of the drug cartel owners and their families.

With a small cast of unique and well-defined characters, you will feel you know the powerful men and beautiful women who weave in and out of this page-turner. The plot twists are exciting, unpredictable, and highly entertaining.

On a South Texas cotton plantation in the 1800’s, a family’s heritage was divided into two races - one black, one white. The story lived on through generations and is now told by a wise elderly black woman named Liddy with the help of an unemployed white journalist, John.

"God is Black!" Liddy said passionately. For a moment all of creation stood still, at least in John's mind. "Now when I said that, what were your first thoughts? You see, in your mind's eye, God is white. In my mind's eye, God is Black. More than likely we can agree that Jesus was Jewish, but even then my Jesus is most likely a shade or two darker than yours."

Regardless of one’s skin color, Terry don Foley’s We Mortal Men will find its way into your heart, melts away any remnants of bigotry, and encourage love for your fellow man. literary fiction books / terry don foley literary fiction / best literary fiction
Inspired by the author’s own family history.